Sarah Hodges

Lose your Omniture training wheels!

In Analytics, Web Analytics on February 22, 2011 at 12:24 pm

What are the best resources to learn Omniture SiteCatalyst?

Questions like this one pop up on Quora from Omniture newbies all the time. Kick off your training wheels and check out my response below for a few tips-

I painfully sat through every single Omniture training course offered. And you know what? I didn’t really learn that much…

Amy Chua was onto something by making her kids do 2,000 math problems each night.

She might be a little off her rocker and generally missing the big picture, but her kids sure as hell have mad arithmetic skillz. Practice makes perfect! Want to learn how to use SiteCatalyst, Discover or one of the other Omniture tools? The only way you’ll truly learn is by jumping in and exploring:

Cozy up to the engineers on your team. Get a basic understanding for the way information is captured and passed into Omniture.

Identify the questions you want to answer. Dig into the reports, see what you can uncover and get over the initial intimidation of learning a new UI.

Fill in gaps with a li’l help from the pros. You don’t have to look too far to find experts who are throwing down the Omniture knowledge day in and day out for free! Soak it up!

Dig into Adam Greco’s Blog for a wealth of information about SiteCatalyst, from the fundamentals to implementation tricks that will boost the insight you generate from the tool.

Take a look at Omniture’s Blog; it’s a fantastic resource for learning more about their entire suite of products. You’ll find posts from top notch account managers, analysts, product leads and engineers.

Follow other practitioners! I learned so much about Site Catalyst just by interacting with other analysts and developers who work with the tool everyday. A few top minds in this space include-

Check out Web Analytics TV. Jason Thompson recently planted the seed for what’s sure to become a huge contribution to the web analytics community by launching this killer site. Check out analytics video tutorials from Omniture vets in an easy-to-consume format. After you become an Omniture champ, make sure to go back and submit your own!

Follow the #measure tag on twitter, attend analytics conferences and reach out to other people who are working with the platform for creative solutions to the measurement challenges you’re trying to address.

I haven’t been thrilled with the Omniture training courses. I’ve taken every Omniture training course out there, including the SC courses, Discover and Test &Target. While you can definitely pick up a few helpful nuggets during the classes, I’ve found the pace slow and some of the topics too rudimentary to merit the time investment. Hang onto your $, and instead, invest some time in coming up to speed by doing, reading, watching and learning.

  1. Great post! And thank you for the shout out.


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