Sarah Hodges


I’m movin’ on up…to the South side! Check out, the new venture I just launched with my partner, Dave Balter, in the South End of Boston. gives you what you need to win, from people who’ve done it before. School’s in session!

In 2003, fresh out of college, with degrees in Political Science / IR and Hispanic Studies (really useful, right?), I stumbled into a pretty sweet opportunity as the co-owner of Pavo Real, an eCommerce site, direct mail catalog and manufacturer of clothing from Lima, Peru. Mmmm, pisco sours!

After Pavo Real, I went on to join the team at Carbonite, managing online optimization before the company’s 2010 IPO. Then in 2010, I ran over to RunKeeper (pun intended), where I worked with an incredible team to team grow our user base to a community of over 9M passionate fitness enthusiasts.

…and here I am! I now work as a marketing consultant with early-stage startups (like Smarterer), larger companies (like BzzAgent), and consulting groups (like Luminary Labs) to develop and execute marketing strategy, while balancing a new role as Managing Director of C’mon over and take a class with me!
Gringa En Lima


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